Around us

"Roma San Pietro Suite" is located in the Aurelio district, 3 km from the Vatican and St. Peter's from the historic Center. The Holiday home is located in Via dei Savorelli 54. There are many shops, supermarkets, bars, pizzerias and various in the surrounding area.


Bar Pasticceria Siciliana Svizzera


Piazza Pio XI 10

Have all kinds of Sicilian sweets, the only one in Rome, do not miss Cassata and Cannoli. They also make tasting arancini with tomato sauce and / or in white ragu. It's a meeting point for aperitifs. It is a very popular place.



Bar Il Pappagallo tea, rhums and aperitifs


Via Anastasio II, 45

"Rome San Pietro Suite" recommend this bar 50 meters from home. Very good for breakfast, brioche and croissants that are handmade. In day time is also a good deli, in the evening and night time they serve aperitifs and various snacks.


 Pizzeria Street Food Pinsare


Pizzeria Pinsare via Anastasio II 11 Tel +39 06 39378383+39 06 39378383

Belongs to an old tradition, the latin “pinsa" is a very old product, highly digestible, low animal fat and to high content of water. It's very tasty and recommended.


Bar Diner self service Sumbill Cafe


Piazza Pio XI 48 Tel +39.96525414

To eat a quick meal in rotisserie style, good quality.


Piadineria Street Food-piadina d’oro


Piazza Pio XI 65/67 Tel+39  377 543635239  377 5436352

Tradition in the heart of Rome proposes other specialties, crescioni, supplì. The place is provided with bar, the piadina d’oro is a meeting point for tasty lunch breaks with friends and colleagues


Restaurant/pizzeria “Dal Sardo”


Via Gregorio VII 359 Tel.+39  06 633902+39  06 633902

Is it possible to have lunch and / or dinner. You ì can eat from pizza to meat, with the possibility of sardinian dishes

On request. On the style of the Roman restaurants


Fast Food McDonald Roma


Piazza Pio XI,

Fast Food Mc Donald chain. Is it possible to celebrate birthdays or promote the meetings at reasonable prices


Restaurant Pizzeria Le Vele



Piazza Pio XI; 75 Tel + 39 06 6622758+ 39 06 6622758


Two steps from "Rome San Pietro Suite" Restaurant, chop-House, pizzeria with wood oven. Good service at tables. Very good reviews. Recommended by the Rome right. 12.00 23.00 hours


Pizzeria Risky Point



Via F. Satolli, 57 Tel +39 06 632532+39 06 632532



Excellent pizza, young environment attended mostly from surfers, various videos of extreme sports. Good appetizers



Pizza Street food Shop 341 Snc •



Via Gregorio VII, 343  Tel +39 06 637 2394+39 06 637 2394


Pizza by the slice, typical Roman, of excellent quality, more at lunch for a quick meal and, take away in night time. Here you can find different types of pizza at low cost with excellent quality.


Home Delivering Mary Pizza



Pasta salad sandwiches, pizza, wine, beer and drink several courses home delivered (Rome San Pietro Suite) via savorelli 54 Tel +39 06 635791+39 06 635791



Pub La Tana dei Luppoli



Via Francesco Satolli, 20 Tel +39 06 60671607+39 06 60671607


Craft bottle and draft beers from the best breweries around the world. Offers sandwiches and chopping boards (cheese and salami) chance to see football matches.


Gelateria Street Food Vice


Via Gregorio VII 385

Tasting of homemade ice-Cream, with the best taste. Very particular with modern architecture

Discount Supermarket Todis

Via Francesco. Satolli 35

Prestigious Brands, excellent quality and prices savings


Supermarket Simply


Piazza Pio XI, 21

Classic Medium-sized supermarket with fresh fish counter


Supermarket Agorà


Via Gregorio VII, 242

Modern structure with a large parking area, open until 22, after 8pm you get discounts. Good fresh fish counter, from 18 paranza seafood also available.


Palestra Gregory Gym



Largo Cardinal Galamini, 20 Tel +39 06 6380983+39 06 6380983


It's possible to buy day tickets for € 10 in convention with Rome San Pietro Suite. With swimming pool, sauna and well-equipped gyms. Large changing rooms, you can join many kinds of classes


Hairdresser Compagnia della Bellezza,



Piazza Pio XI 81, Tel +39 06 3937 5959+39 06 3937 5959


Beauty Centre man/woman very well known for having combed the Miss Italia competitors and a lot of other people worldwide working for movies and television industry.


Fashion clothing store man woman Old England


Via Francesco Satolllí,1

Store with most famous and known fashion brands throughout the world. Synonymous with elegance and sophistication in the details


Garage Parking Cirulli


Via Francesco Pacelli,10

Convention with Rome San Pietro Suite. € 15 per day


Games Room Extra Ball -


Piazza Pio XI, 31

Very great has all electronic video games and pinball machine of any kind for young people


Travel Agency Tour operator Bravo



Via dei Savorelli, 87 Tel +39 06 6381141+39 06 6381141



Garage sale


Via Ludovico Micara, 32

You can find many fashion used objects (clothes, shoes, books and various local) large space with a lot of things to see


Pharmacy Iannotta



Piazza Pio XI, 30 Tel + 39 06 632790+ 39 06 632790





Piazza Pio XI: Unicredit and Cariparma.


Christian church SS Protomartiri


Via Innocenzo XI

Coming down from via dei Savorelli and walking to the traffic lights cross via Anastasio II and to via Gregorio VII cross the street again, the church appears at the end of Via Innocenzo XI




By walking it’s possible from "Roma San Pietro Suite" to reach Villa Pamphili, the largest and most beautiful park in Rome, you can play sports to relax or do some wonderful walks in the green, very thick in some areas.

There are several bus lines that takes you with few stops in the historic center or you can just with a beautiful walk down all the way to Via Gregorio VII and reach the wonderful St. Peter's Square.